The Company

We are a life-sciences service company providing an array of Bio-Storage and Cell-Based Assay contract services.

Our services include cryogenic storage, sample data management and logistic support. By combining our vast scientific and technical expertise, experience and a customer centric approach, we support companies through the drug development path from discovery and R&D through clinical trials.

Beginning with Design of Experiments through execution, data analysis and final reporting we provide Cell-Based Assay development, qualification and implementation, with particular emphasis on immunology for:

  • In vitro / ex vivo / in vivo Proof of Concept
  • Drug Mode of Action verification
  • Potency and identity studies
  • Immunomodulatory assessment
  • Clinical trial surrogate endpoint/companion diagnostics
  • QC Release testing


Practically, we bio-process solid tissues and blood (into cells) and other body fluids to be further processed .e.g. by separation, enrichment and/or culturing, to be followed by immunophenotyping and functional testing by Flow Cytometry and ELISA-based biomarker analyses. For development purposes we have access to healthy blood donors, under informed consent. 

We also offer state –of-the-art GMP compliant bio-banking of clinical and research biologics such as tissues, blood, cell banks and APIs. Regardless of the purpose (e.g. off-site back up, temporary or long term archiving) sample integrity and related annotated data is ensured at all times in a controlled and monitored environment from ambient through to -196°c.

We believe in direct, simple and transparent communication. We offer our knowledge and experience to assist you in resolving your questions and needs. We are absolutely committed to time-sensitive, top-tier service.